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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chaturbate is the NEWEST hottest of hot adult xxx LIVE FEED VIDEO/CHAT streaming sex shows now hiring broadcasters/models of all shapes sizes and nationalities

  Did you know that one of the most sought after jobs and easiest to obtain is something that no one excepted as a hobby let alone a job until just recently. The occupation I am referring to is live webcam adult modeling or also called live adult webcam broadcasting.  This is where anywhere from one person to ten people go on the internet and use there webcam to chat via video with other people with webcams across the united states or even anywhere in the world.  The only requirement is that everyone is at least eighteen years old and you need a webcam and internet access.  It started out as hobby's for people and then when all the adult video live show sites started appearing all over the internet those companies hired models to do shows from there sites and charge by minute or even hourly and then the owner of the website would pay these models.
         Broadcasters/models on these sites make anywhere from hundreds or even thousands of dollars for just doing one show sometimes.  A show can take anywhere from five minutes to five hours and the best thing about it is that you choose how long and what you do. You are your own boss.  It all depends on what company you are with or how much experience you have doing these types of shows.  Sometimes if you are outgoing and friendly and people like your personality you can make money by just chatting with people online.  You don't even have to take your clothes off or do anything sometimes.  People often times are going on these sites to just have interaction with other humans and just want to see a friendly smiling face.  Now, if you do want to take off your clothes or do other things people ask you to do on camera then that is COMPLETELY up to you.  No one can order you to do anything you don't want to do, it is your choice,  Some people enjoy doing those things and others enjoy seeing it and that is where the large amounts of money come in to play.  You do make A LOT of money if you are willing to do and show more.
         One of the newest, fastest growing, and most popular. and ONLY COMPLETELY FREE to watch and chat websites is Chaturbate.  Chaturbate has only been around for a couple years.  There are not as many models on Chaturbate so if you were to get a job broadcasting for them then you would have thousands and thousands more viewers to pay you than other older websites where you have to fight for the viewers.  A model on Chaturbate makes fifty percent of EVERYTHING they get tipped.  This is how they make the money.  The model/broadcaster chooses what they want to do and how much they require in tips to start doing it.  If no one tips you, you don't get the amount you want then you don't even have to do it.  You choose how much money you want and what you will do if anything. Basically it is like being your own boss and just borrowing this already popular site with customers to help you make the money.  They only take a small portion of what you make and it really is worth it.. Other sites have all kinds of extra requirements of you and sometimes they don't even pay their models.  Chaturbate is honest and reliable company to work for.  Also they are starting to get all the other websites customers anyway, everyone seems to be switching to Chaturbate for all their viewing pleasures.  So if you would like to try this fun and different job where you make a whole LOT of money than check out Chaturbate today and you could be making hundreds of dollars in minutes. All from the comfort of your own home, so don't miss out on this chance for a good money making job doing something that you actually enjoy.  They are still hiring and need lots of confident people. Men, women, couples, transsexuals all may apply they do not discriminate. So good luck and god bless!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why choose cam modeling/broadcasting as a career or occupation, Chaturbate always looking for new confident people to hire

Live Sex Show Web Cam Models, Why Do These Females, Males, Transsexuals, and Even Couples Choose This Lifestyle Choice To Earn Their Income?

   First of all let me tell you that cam modeling is an extremely controversial choice for a career/occupation, when anyone is choosing it.  Whether it be a man, woman, transsexual, or a couple it seems that most people think that this choice of job is not a "real" career or occupation. Well I also bet that most of the people that say it isn't a real job are not aware of the money that is out there to be made every day and night cam modeling/broadcasting.  Did you know that most cam models whether it be man or woman make an average of $500 to $1000 a week.  Some of the more experienced models can even bring in $500 to $1000 a night, and couples that do this for a living can earn even more.  The amount they make really depends on their experience and just plain quality of show that they give their viewers.
     There are some college students that choose this form of "work" to earn their income simply because the hours are very flexible and they can do it whenever and where ever they choose.  They can work their shows around when they don't have classes, studying for tests/midterms, and of course all the extracurricular activities they may have also.  College students lead very busy lives and usually don't have to time for a job.  Most live off extra money from loans, scholarships, grants, and even money sent from family members.
We all know that they never seem to have enough.  This type of job not only gives them quite a bit of extra income, anyone can basically get a job doing it.  There isn't job hunting, interviews, and the whole job search hassles.  If the person chooses this type of job you can be working and earning money in a matter of minutes.        
Instead of you going out and hunting for a job only to be turned down because of your availability schedule being to slim because of your classes or lack of transportation you can be looking through the thousands of sites that will hire you and choosing which one or multiple sites you want to work for.  You are your own boss. You schedule when, where and how long you work.  All you need to start working as a cam model  is a wifi connection, computer or tablet and a web cam.  Anyone can do it, there are all types and lifestyles of people that work as cam models.  There are men, women, transsexuals, and even couples that do this for a living.
        The couples that choose to do this job may have chosen it because even with a man and woman both working sometimes it just isn't enough to pay bills and support their family. It is especially difficult for a man and a woman to find two jobs that their schedules can coincide with each other and one of them still be available to stay home with the child/children.  Furthermore even with both of the parents working it is very hard to support a family of even three on an average salary with the economy fluctuating so rapidly as it does today.
      One of the biggest reasons I believe that these people choose this occupation is not because of the immense amount of money they make daily but because some people have backgrounds that are not perfect.
Sadly most good paying jobs if not all want you to have a squeaky clean criminal and credit record.  It is hard enough having good credit but the criminal record even sometimes the smallest things can leave blemishes on your record making it even harder to get a job these days. As if it isn't hard enough with the crumbling economy to find good, steady work.  When applying for a broadcasting/modeling job online your criminal background does not have to be perfect.  You are doing everything through web cams so you don't have to come in face to face, physical contact with anyone or any money if that is the issue.  Anyone can do this job and they ALWAYS need more people, it is never full.  There is always room for more beautiful people on these sites.
     Probably the most popular and most diverse of these sites right now is Chaturbate, it is becoming the biggest community and offers a lot of things other live video adult sites do not. Such as couples always available to chat with on cam, and transsexuals to see if you would like, and last but not least they are always offering free tokens and ways to win money and prizes. So if you have not already you should definitely give Chaturbate a try, you will be addicted in no time.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let Down Your Hair With Chaturbate Power User Tips & Tricks Be Featured Top Cam Model Making Most Money!

     One of the newest and becoming one of the most popular new webcam, web chat live video sex sites is Chaturbate.  More and more people are signing up everyday to the all new, completely free, and no hassle live cam to cam site Chaturbate.  With all these new people always online it makes sense to want to utilize all the tips and tricks while you are online to make the most of your time on this site and make every moment worthwhile.  I am going to tell you just a couple of the best tips people use.
      The first one I am going to tell you about is a tip mainly geared toward the broadcasters on Chaturbate.  It is a featured app call "Keep it going".. This app was designed by a regular Chaturbate member/user.  Most of the apps on here are designed by regular users, that is one of the great things about this site.  It is basically designed by the user and improved by the users.  Who knows better what we want and need in a site than the users that use it everyday?  The app "keep it going" basically is where the broadcaster sets a token level that the watchers/users have to keep the tokens at this level to keep the show going.  They can't just tip to the max token level to see the show they want and then once it is going stop tipping.  This is a very good app to help broadcasters get the tips they deserve.
         Also Chaturbate has added the ability for users to send offline tips to the broadcasters.  This is pretty awesome and not readily available on many other live webcam show sites at this time.  Not only can a user send an offline tip they can send a message with it.
        One of the biggest problems that the broadcaster has is unruly users.  It isn't a major problem and it is easily taken care of.  Once in awhile you will get those annoying users that enter your chat room and will keyword "try" to disturb the peace of your room and your regular fans, this is not what you want.  You want a decent, and respectable way to let them know they are not wanted and to go elsewhere without making them and the other wonderful users upset.  You don't want to be to rude, that way you will still seem like the sweet and wonderful broadcaster that everyone comes to see everyday.  A good way to do this is to try making a joke out of the situation as you tell them to leave.  Make a joke out of what they said and turn the negative into a positive.  Also you can assign moderator privileges to someone that way you can continue with what you are doing and not have to stop to type and deal with these people.  Plus it makes the moderator feel more special and needed, so it is a win win situation.  Last but not least do not let the comments get to you because your fans want to see a confidant and fun person and there is nothing fun or confidant about being rude or letting it bother you.  And once again if you haven't been to Chaturbate and are not a member yet you should definitely go try it and become a member.  It is still completely free and no hassles or hidden fees.  And it is so much fun, you are missing out if you are not a member,  so we will see you there!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Win Lots Of Money, Free Tokens, And Prizes With The Hottest New Totally Free Live Video Sex Chat Website Chaturbate

      Chaturbate is a hot new website that has been around for only a little over a year. It is better and more reliable than most other adult sex websites in many ways.  The reason I am going to talk about tonight that makes Chaturbate better than other sites is all the contests they have all year long.  Whether its cash, free tokens, or other prizes Chaturbate makes sure to offer incentives for all the dedicated models/broadcasters and even the regular users.

       Most of the contests are directed toward the broadcasters and models that put on the free or private shows for the regular viewers.  They usually have at least one contest a month.  For example the contest for march was "Win $11,000+".  They say that this contest is going to now be available every month.  Most other sites only allow a person to win maybe five times a month and then they have to wait till next contest, but with Chaturbate anyone can win as many times as there is possible. Also some websites limit the winning per person at $2,000 then they can't win anymore.  There are no limits on Chaturbate when it comes to winning.  The way this particular contest works is every hour the top cam and the second place cam each win a prize. This happens every hour for twenty four hours a day.  The top cam is the cam that has the most viewers and so on for the second most.  The first place/ top cam model is awarded $10 and the second place winner is awarded $5.  So far this is a well like contest which is giving many many people a chance to win money.

       There have been all different types of contests this year.  There have been costume contests, which the models won 2,000 and 3,000 free tokens each.  There have been raffle drawings in which the winner chosen won 3,000 free tokens.  They have also had a famous porn star Savanna Steele did a live show in December and during her show she personally gave away a real "live touch device".  The top token tippers in a month sometimes get entered into a drawing for thousands of free tokens. Also the creators of Chaturbate have given the models an option to build there own app which can be used live on there show and if it is chosen they receive 500 free tokens.  This has already accumulated many new apps that are now being used everyday during live shows.  These are only a few contests and drawings that Chaturbate has been offering to give people more chances to win free tokens and cash.  There is always something fun and profiting going on on Chaturbate.  You should really join soon because every minute you are not a member you are missing a chance to win cash and free tokens.  And who does not like free cash or tokens.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WOW Chaturbate Completely Free Hot Sex LIVE Video Webcam Chat Now And Make Money Too

    First of all let me tell you what exactly Chaturbate and Chaturbating consist of.  Chaturbate is a web cam chatting adult sex video site.  The definition of Chaturbating as put by the creators of this exceptionally well put together and thought out website is: The act of masturbating, while chatting online.  Anyone and I mean anyone is welcome on this site as long as they obey a few simple rules that are stated clearly at sign up. Which by the way is very very simple and quick to do.  All you need is an original user name and password and you could be chatting with a Chaturbate broadcaster/model in seconds.  It is that easy, you do not need a credit card, money, or even an email address.  Although if you provide a valid email address you can receive email updates when your favorite model is online broadcasting live or news about upcoming or ongoing contests to participate in, or deals on tokens.
     Tokens are not a required necessity to chat with a model on Chaturbate, but if you purchase some or even a couple there are ways to have even more fun with tokens.  You can tip the models with these tokens and that usually controls what they do, say, or show online.  Or you can go to a private show with your favorite model if you have tokens.  There are also ways to earn free tokens once you are a member. It is actually super easy once you become a member.   You can watch for free in most of the chat rooms as long as you or the model prefers.  The only way that the model knows if you have tokens or if you are a frequent tipper is with the light blue, dark blue , and grey member categorizing of the Chaturbaters. The light blue is a tipper, dark blue is a frequent tipper that has tipped in the last twenty four hours and grey is someone that has no tokens or has not tipped in last twenty four hours. They really all get treated the same it just helps the models to know which people are frequent tippers is all and your user name is just the different color when chatting.
       Chaturbate has really only been around for barely a year now.  There are already thousands and thousands of frequent chatters as well as broadcasters.  There are multiple lifestyles/types of people on line twenty four hours a day.  There are males, females, transsexuals, and even couples.  Chaturbate is also one of the only adult sex sites that allows couple cams to broadcast, let alone for free.  This definitely makes their site stand out as a better website than most.  There is really someone for everyone.
        Also you can become a broadcaster/model on Chaturbate and be earning money in minutes all you need is a webcam and a valid email address.   Anyone can do it.  You set the standards of your room and do what you like and don't have to do anything you don't want to.. Then when people tip you Chaturbate pays you.  It really is just as simple and easy as I'm making it sound. Well if you are still curious as why everyone is saying Chaturbate is the best website than you need to go become a member and see for yourself.. You will not be sorry you did!!